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Teachers: how do you dress for work? Traditional, modern, funky, vintage?

Q. Putting my wardrobe together for this year. My Admin is really conservative. >>

A. I dressed traditional, conservative yet functional. I always wore something with pockets. Couldn't function without pockets. I have taught for over 15 years. I finally kind of went to uniforms. My school wardrobe consists of black and navy slacks with elastic waist so I can pull them off and on quickly. In the lower grades finding time to go to the bathroom can be a challenge. Fussing with belts, buttons, zippers was a time consuming nuisance. I had various tops, blouses, shirts that went with my slacks and often had a blazer, jacket, sweater that helped to make it look like a complete outfit. I looked for fabric that washed easily such as gabardine polyester and didn't need much ironing. I found a pair of comfortable shoes and bought three pairs. I wore a different pair every day along with support hose. Our school is on a cement slab which is hard on the legs over time. A lot of the younger teachers wore more trendy clothes but I stuck with my "uniform". It helped me save money, cut down on the time it took to decide what to wear each day and I felt I looked professional which helped me gain the respect of the children, parents and administration.
I found a nice thrift shop where I could often find items with the tags still on them. If I only paid a few dollars for something it didn't bother me if got ruined during the course of my duties.

pretend you are a woman's finishing school teacher - give me elegance tips!?
Q. I want to know how to act very confident - like the world is wrapped around my fingers... kind to others, but very in touch w/ myself. I want a good self esteem, a good body image. I want to act refined, be refined, be elegant, well mannered - a woman that will stand out in a crowd. A girl that a smart guy would gravitate towards. Please give me practical tips, on being this woman.
btw, I am 18, and headed off to college. Most of my life, I have not been around guys enough, to be comfortable conversing w/ them ( as in I just met you, the cat has got my tongue, so I act weird). I am attracted to quiter guys, being I am an extrovert. However, somehow my strong points, and my "extrovertness" is missed, because I act so self conscious around guys. I think myself hot, yet around guys I lose all confidence, and I feel utterly stupid. I start dreaming of a guy that would notice me in spite of my stupidness. That doesn't seem to happen. I want to have a good year in college... be one of the cool, hot girls. How?!!! Help!

A. Try not to worry about looking like the world is wrapped around your fingers. Show consideration and respect to others, expect it in return, develop relationships with people who act the same. About elegance...go for comfortable, classic clothes, not fussy or trendy things. Have a consult with a good hairdresser and get a haircut that will be flattering and easy to maintain. If you have any skin problems, go to a dermatologist and get them handled. You will feel more at ease if your hair and skin are absolutely off your worry list.

Self-consciously sexy, high-maintenance clothes, silly shoes like mules and stiletto heels, long real or fake fingernails, and too much makeup all convey insecurity and lack of class, and they attract guys who also lack class. I used to run a girls' dorm, and the really high-maintenance girls who tried to look like Victoria's Secret models had the worst luck. They did not look like Victoria's Secret models, in the first place, but like needy, insecure little sluts, and they attracted the worst Neanderthals as boyfriends.

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