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What are the coolest/most stylish/trendiest shoes for teenage/college guys?

Q. I'm looking for new shoes...not like footbal or basketball shoes, but like normal casual/semi athletic type shoes. I was looking at the New Balance 587 today and those are a style i really like but i'm hoping to find even better. I want to know what you guys think are your favorite for teenage and college-age guys and where to buy them and so forth...any details and why you like them. PLEASE HELP, IN DESPERATE NEED FOR HELP ON PICKING A NEW PAIR!!?!?!!???

A. well depends what your looking for.its seems like your leaning towards a preppie look with NBs 587.try K-Swiss all white.they are casual,but athletic style & they seem to fit your taste.try footlocker,finishline or ebay

guy wearing mary jane shoes?
Q. I saw a guy today wearing very strange shoes for a guy. He was wearing a tan cap nice looking beige light sweater, blue jeans and tan colored mary jane shoes.(strap shoes) I've never ever seen a guy wear those type of shoes, but I admit, he looked sharp!

I couldn't shoot a picture in time but now I think more guys should be more adventurous like the sighting I had.

Opinions on this alternative, style anyone?

A. Some guys have more fashion savvy than girls!

Fashion is supposed to be risky, trendy, and be a trendsetter not a follower. And he's doing just that!

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