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Moms do you like close toed shoes for yourself?

Q. I usually only wear open toe shoes, even in winter and don't even have any close toe shoes other than tennies. I need some cute shoes that will go with dress pants. Twill or slacks. What can I wear that will be cute and trendy with a heel on them? But semi comfortable. Stylish (not frumpy) to emphasize on the style.

Asking here because the right section is over loaded with kids going back to school. =( And women married or not like shoes right! Thanks!

Fashion disaster (ME)!
names of brands and stores please!
No I don't own a pair of boots right now. Sad I know but hey that is what happens when you (live in gym clothes and shuffle kids from point a to point b for X amount of time. Thanks OK for the brand to look for.
Salacious crumb I just saw the cutest pair on line! RED! I thought they were cute but then I have been out of the loop of fashion for far too long so I thought I should ask. Those are already on my list!
p.s. I love Salacious Crumb!
for the love of accuracy here for crying out LOUD!

"Men what type of close toe shoe do you prefer to see your wife in?" There now I am legit on my post.

A. go to Nordstrom. Walk up to a shoe girl.

Tell her you want to try on a number of styles with a "Mary-Jane" toe. it is cute; it flairs and rounds ever so slighty at the toe so it is comfy and stylish.

jesus i am *this* close to being gay for all the sh* t i have had to listen to about women's shoes.

i could walk in there and run the friggin' place.

Can a white girl wear Pastry Shoes?
Q. I don't know much about them, just saw an ad for them online, and they're so cute.

A. A white girl can wear anything she wants. But if you really mean would you look like "you're trying to be black", no. They are pretty girlie shoes so if you wear simple accessories and don't get too trendy, you might be more comfortable with that.

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