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size 13 women's shoes?

Q. I wear a size 13 women's shoe, Im not ashamed of my shoe size because i am really tall and i'm use to them. i cant find any cute trendy shoes anywhere!!! some say try payless but they have no grip what so ever and i do not want to be slipping and sliding all over the place. Any suggestions?

A. Nadia, your feet are a size bigger than mine (mens 10.5/ womens 12), and I consider that sexy especially if you pedicure.

Try, they go up to 15 with lots of styles. They hardly have anything under size 11!

Why don't women wear those clear, galoshes for high heels shoes anymore?

A. Galoshes for High Heels

They still wear them, here are some site's that will give you more info.
They have updated them so you can wear them with stilettos.

No one likes wet shoes and feet, but having to wear galoshes
are a fashion no-no. So what�s a stilettoed girl to do?
Get herself a pair of new City Slippers from the trendy
Norwegian galoshes company Swims!

These shoe wrappers easily slip over a pair of stiletto shoes with a hole for the pointy heel to poke through. The slippers will protect the wearer�s shoes from puddles, sludge and mud on rainy days so that they still look great upon arrival.

The City Slippers are made from flexible silicone and also have traction soles for extra grip on slippery surfaces.

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