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Fall 2012-2013 Fashion Trend for middle school?

Q. Ive always been a dork all my life wearing ugly clothes till about 6th grade (still pretty dorky) 7th grade i caught on to the fashion trends at my school but it took some time. Now that im entering 8th grade i kinda of want to be stocked up on the seasons fashion trends. So does anyone know what it will be this fall?
last school year were:
- tribal print
- toms
- VS yoga pants
- Uggs
- Pencil Skirts
- Hollister
- Abercrombie
- Aero
- Flowy shirts
Thats about it oh and vans and converse shoes. So pleade tell me what vlothing i should buy for this fall? :) Thank you

A. I work at hollister and our back-to-school clothes aren't even for sale yet! They go out on Saturday. So it's hard to tell yet. I would say skinny jeans/jeggings in bright colors (trendy) but dark wash is always good and easier to pull off (classic, can wear forever) because I know that the dark wash jeans and bright jeans are going to be sold for back-to-school but my manager didn't tell us anything else =\ so it's hard to say on tops yet.

My advice is to not "stock up" at the beginning of the year. Trends will change once winter starts and then once spring begins. You'll want to save some shopping money for then too!

But fitted scoop neck t-shirts in solid colors are always in-style. Also, a cami with a cardigan or hoodie is a classic in-style look. If you shop at hollister, aero, american eagle, and pacsun you'll be "in style" and you can pick whatever is there that you like and that looks good on you! :) shopping at forever 21 is cheaper but I find that their shirts fall apart really easily and there are some reallyyyy funky things there that are weird, and if you don't have a good sense of what is "in" then shopping there could make you end up with an odd closet haha.
I wish I had more of an answer but I won't know the looks for fall until Saturday, at hollister at least (and they're always "up" on the trends I've noticed since I started working there).

For the summer, though, neon and bright colored shorts are really popular. Also, loose fitting shirts that are off the shoulder are instyle. Flowy, girly tank tops are always cute. There are lots of shirts with lace and ruffles as well.

To address the list you gave: Tribal prints I'm just not a fan off. I hope they're on their way out of style. Uggs have been getting really old lately, but Sperry's were super popular the last 2 years for preppy girls, they'll probably still be in. Yoga pants will always be in. Flowy shirts are in right now. Hco, Abercrombie, A&F will always be instyle, American Eagle will be too. Aero usually is but I don't shop there.

Best Wishes,

PS: Ask again in late July or early August and there will be more reliable answers. Trends can change quickly and back to school will have different looks than this summer's.
PPS: there's nothing wrong with having your own style!! But it's very normal to want to know what is in style, sorry I can't be of more help. Oh and don't listen to Seventeen magazine's advice. They have some good advice but when I used to read the magazine a lot of their outfits weren't good, they were really ugly. But they do mention some good stores you can look at!

What will be trendy for late summer/ fall 2012 for teens?
Q. Clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup etc. Thanks!

A. jewel tones, tweed jackets, head-to-toe white, velvet dresses

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