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what are some cute & trendy shoes that you really like?

Q. I'm looking to ask for a closed toe shoe for christmas, that are NOT sneakers, is there any particular pair of shoes that you are wearing right now (and that you really like?). thanks so much for your help! I'd like something other than uggs. I'm 5' 4" and about 80 lbs, and uggs do not look good on my skinny legs!

A. I am really loving some of the trends with boots right now (hopefully they fall under the category that you're looking for)! The boots that I've been looking at are more tight fitted and have more of the fake leather look. For example...

Ballet flats are always fun and cute!


Hopefully the links will show up! I hope these get some ideas going! Good luck=)

Where to buy toms shoes? Can I buy it from Online?
Q. Where to buy toms shoes online? Can I buy it from Online ? I really like Toms Shoes a lot. Is this shoes available for children? Expecting your valuable opinion?

Thanks in Advance

A. TOMS shoes is a trendy new fashion movement which falls upon one simple idea. For every pair of TOMS shoes that are purchased by a consumer, a new pair of shoes will be delivered to a child in need. This business plan has immediately turned fashion lovers into 'people supporters' and fundraisers.

You can buy online from Amazon, the giant in online retailers

Visit : http://amzn.to/Best-Toms-Shoes

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