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What shoes with this dress?

Q. Wedges, heels, etc..? Pictures would be helpful.


This is for Junior High graduation, so the heels can't be too high.

Thanks :)

A. Oooo I've seen this dress has been very trendy lately. I do suggest blue wedges that has few similar colors according to your dress:
Another thing I would recommend is flats that possibly can make your legs shine:
Hoped I helped and have an amazing life!

Junior year first day of school outfit?
Q. School tomorrow. As much as id like to wear a sweatshirt and sport shorts, i want to look decent butttt i need help. Im not the type to dress up or wear accessories, like i said before id love to wear a sweatshirt and shorts. I have medium long dark brown hair and im on the pale side, j suppose.
If you help thank you :)

A. Hey(: I totally understand what you mean by wanting to go casual with a sweatshirt and some shorts. Haha, we all want that. But I also appreciate and encourage dressing up a little and even going a little out of your comfort zone for the first day back. You're in your junior year so you only have this year and next year to make some memories so you have to go a little bolder than usual sometimes. (: I think you have a very relaxed style and that's always really cool to work with because you don't want anything too overdone. I'd suggest going with something as simple as maybe some leggings and a tee. Don't be afraid to wear a simple and cute hoodie/sweatshirt with the tee too. Or you could go with something like a jean vest or jacket, if you wanted to push the limit a little further. For shoes, I'd suggest going with what makes you comfortable and what matches. Some cute combat boots would be really stylish and look cute but it's a little last notice to go out and buy anything, so I'd suggest some sneakers (canvas sneakers are trendy and cute) or some flats, if you have any. (: I'll post some links below to show you a little of what I mean and maybe to inspire your outfit for tomorrow. (:

Jean jacket:

That denim jacket is super cute, trendy, and relaxed. It's really fun and if have anything like it, I'd definitely suggest it to give off that cute, but casual vibe.


These are super cute and the Aztec/tribal print is really in right now. (: Any kind of printed leggings would work though! They're really trendy and fun(:

Canvas sneakers:

They may be a little much for your taste, but the style is really cute. (: Keds are the main-brand ones that I recommend. Simple white or black ones are very versatile and also really comfortable. (:

Combat boots:

Really, really cute! I've recommended these many times before and I absolutely love them. (: If you have a pair, that's what I would wear!


Something fun and simple would be the best choice for you. (: Paired with a cute zip-up hoodie, you'd be comfortable and look very cute. (: I really hope I helped and have fun on the first day of school!(: Make it count!
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