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Reliable fashions for real women?

Q. I would like to see fashions I can actually wear. Can you recommend a catalog or fashion magazine that have real-world fashions for real women? I'm not a size 2, I don't live in Manhattan and I don't spend $500 on a pair of stilettos. I need wearable fashions. I'd really appreciate some advice on good catalogs to shop or magazines to read.
For price range, something that's more Macy's and less Neiman Marcus.

Oh, and I'm also not a teenager.

A. Um. I dress fly and don't spend a arm and a leg. Might I suggest that u decide to apend a little more on things that u know u will treasure. So 9 times out of 10 u don't want to drop your rent on a pair of trendy, in for the moment shoes. DSW always has hot shoes for a decent price. I can't lie tho, Payless has stepped their game up. Chernin's is really, really resonable and u can try Manic. I don't know if ur a big grl or like a size 7...so I will agree with the person who said Target, but in my area Target is high as hell. I get my undies from Walmart. Loving the boy shorts and bras by hanes and fruit of the loom. I will hit Rainbows, sometimes Wet Seal, Rave, and Charolette Rousse (4give the spelln). For accessories that u don't want to spend much on, Claire's. Icing is starting to get WAY out of hand on the pricing. For jeans try Ecko Red. Not expensive and I don't have to replace the ones I have but they do so well. I am super hard on jeans. Cheap ones end up losing their tightness, and color. But Ecko is affordable and the dryer makes them fit just like the day u bought them. Plus they have the best cuts for anyone who has a lil junk in the trunk, but ya wanna make it look...yummy. My sugesstion, get from behing the computer and get out there and hit the malls to find really what works for you. Shopping is godd for your health. Its a workout for your body, get your brain going and shop.
Aight Peace

Online shopping sites?
Q. What are some good Legit shopping sites? I am looking for cute,affordable and trendy clothes and shoes for women. I prefer not to shop at any of the chain/mall stores because everyone goes there. Please help me out I'm getting tired of the local boutiques

A. forever21.com

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