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Need necktie color/style suggestions for a fashionable young man?

Q. The fashionable young man is me by the way. :)

I'm 21, and my brother is getting confirmed catholic this weekend and I'm his mentor.

What I plan to wear: so far:

Black two-button Calvin Klein tailored slim suit
White Calvin Klein dress shirt with cufflinks
black shoes, black belt, blah blah

anyways, I like to look good, and I like to be fashionable and look trendy. I want a new tie to give my appearance that young fashionably fresh zing, does anyone have suggestions?

I was thinking a brighter color because its spring time, and maybe one of those thinner ties I keep seeing in magazines? They seem to be in style right now... Or anyone have suggestions for a different dress shirt? other than white, something that will work with my new black suit, i really like it and I havnt had a chance to wear this one yet.

ladies I would love your opinions as well, maybe i'll even find a cute girl there to impress. :)

thanks everyone, 10 pts to the most helpful and best idea

A. Yes, I am a lady :D

Try this: (At JC Penney's)

In blue. View the larger image. It looks better.

With this tie:

In red. Once again, view larger image.

Hope you like it. Try it on! I think it will look really nice. And it also has some hints of color but it is not overdone.


Oooh! I really like this!

That tie in red. Very lovely. With this dress shirt to go with your black suit!


In French blue :D

Ok, that is all I've got.

Tell us what you chose and how you liked my ideas... coming from a woman.

Good luck! And yes, I'm sure you will look good, be fashionable, and look trendy. lol. Haha.

What type of casual/urban outfits should a young man wear with a greek style fisherman/cabbie hat?

A. a nice pair of jean i would go for not too light not too dark, belt, plain scoop neck top, probably long sleeved, or v neck bepends what u like n a nice cardigan ino it sounds very old skool but that looks very nice in talking the cardigens that come down like a v so u can see the top underneath, can be worn open or shut (nice ones in gap for men) and to top it off the hat and there u go the perfect look (shoes or low pumps) casual urban hip n trendy

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