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Shoe help ...pleaseeee .... :D?

Q. ok so i am going away soon and i have a few outfits sorted but i need some shoes for one outfit ... i have a grey top with peach netting on the shoulders and a peach netting skirt but i need some ideas for shoes ??? and ideas??? im thinking Heels so i can wear the outfit out but not too high lol ... please help i cant find shoes i like anywhere...

p.s ..united kingdom shops only please :D

A. On my POLYVORE account I've just created a set revolving around the colors and the fabrics it seems you have in your outfit (all the shoes, both flats and heels, are found on and cost less then £50!! =D (

Heel option 1 (bright): Coral is an EXREMELY popular summer color. The brightness let's you wear this during the day as well as at night and the orange pigmentation of the color brings out the orange qualities of the peach. The shoes in the set are: "Ash Patent Slingback Sandal" and are available on for only £32 ($46).
Heel option 2 (natural): Instead of going for a typical black heel the brown is more summery and works well with peachy/orange tones. The gold detail also brings out the beach quality of the garments. The shoes in the set are the "ASOS Petra Heeled Gladiator Sandal" and retail at about £11 ($17)-

2: Flats
Flat option 1 (ballet flats): Yet again the coral color is summery and great for both day and night. The gold heart shaped studs make the look very good for passing from day to night. The shoes in the set are the "ASOS LIGHTYEAR Heart Pointed Ballerina" in coral/gold (also available black/gold) and retail for about £29 ($42.27) on
Flat option 2 (sandals): The grey matches the shirt and the studs make it perfect for night time. Very summery and the cuff is very "trendy" this year. The shoes in the set are the "Park Lane Studded Cuff Sandals" and retail for about £29 ($42) on

3: Boots
Boots option 1 (short): I personally think that ankle boots look AMAZING with skirts, especially during the summer for an evening transition. The black is great night and day and the studded suede is fabulous. The shoes in the set are the "ASOS ADDISON Suede Brogue Flat Studded Ankle Boot" which retails for about £41 ($59) on
Boots option 2 (tall): The slouchy-ness of the boot makes this boot style great for day. The color though is deep enough to be worn at night. The shoe in the set is the "Dune Mellissa Slouch Calf Boot" which retail on for about £69 ($100). I'm sorry but these cost more than £50 but i BET you can find a cheaper, similar style.

I really hopes this helped and feel free to contact me via email =D

i need some new shoes?? help!!?
Q. i want to buy some new shoes that i can wear everyday in the spring. for a sense of my style, i like classic but alternative pieces. urban outfitters is my favorite stores. during the winter i predominantly wore short chestnut uggs (which im SO sick of but theyre so comfy and make your legs look thinner) and black leather flat booties. i need these shoes to be pretty comfortable and very stylish. money is not much of an object, but preferably less than $150. i dislike shoes that make your feet look small as i already have tiny feet (size 5.5 or 6) and bigger shoes make your legs look slimmer. THANKS A MIL!
sorry.. im 5'1" or so and I dont love flats but if theyre really cute then i dont mind.

A. Most of these were featured in magazines, pretty comfy, and trendy. I'm not sure what shoes you like so I selected a variety that I thought looked good.;jsessionid=C9FADF88E812A6AED81AE74C68897B35.app13-node2?itemdescription=true&itemCount=10&id=14014351&parentid=W_SHOES_HEELSWEDGES_LOW&sortProperties=+product.marketingPriority,-product.startDate&navCount=77&navAction=poppushpushpush&color=01
hope this helps

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