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We can I find comfortable shoes that are fashionable enough to wear to work?

Q. I'm looking for a comfortable pair of shoes that are trendy and fashionable to work to work. I dress up in business attire everyday. But, I'm tired of my feet hurting at the end of the day.

A. i love dansko's. super comfy and have some cute styles. this is the same company that nurses wear in hospitals.

can anyone recommend a good shoe for surgical nurses to wear?
Q. I will be on my feet all day for hours at a time.

A. I am a surgical nurse, and the best shoe I have ever put on my foot is called a Mizuno Nirvana 2. They are pricey, but a great buy if your looking for a solid shoe with a nice breeze passing thru it and support. I work w/ 2 other nurses who also wear the same shoe. They are just fantastic. You can purchase them off the internet or you can buy them in sports shoe stores. They are light and the mesh fabric in the shoe breathes your foot. They have an arch support which is great inside and the sole of the shoe is supportive. I even bought a pair for my brother in law who just had open heart surgery for his fitness stuff following surgery and he loves them.
One of our surgeons also wears Mizuno's when he is out rounding on the floor. His are not the Nirvana, but a cheaper brand of Mizuno shoe.
The crocks are the cheapo plastic shoes w/ no support and they end up not being all that comfortable. They are just trendy and have caught on sort of like those ignorant Jellies in the 1980's. Clogs offer no support what so ever. They are just trendy. Surgeons wear them because they are easy to put on and off and they stand in 1 spot for long periods of time. They do not walk around.
The podiatrist at our hospital also said Mizuno is an excellent shoe for people on their feet all the time.
Good luck and happy trails!!!

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