Rabu, 21 Mei 2014

What are some comfy, trendy shoes?

Q. I'm going to New York for a week and I'll be walking around quite a bit. I want to wear something comfy--but still relatively attractive that can match with my outfits. Any ideas?

A. For me it's definetly ballerina flat shoe type
i love they are them extremely comfy to walk around in extremely stylish i have many shapes and colors some dressy some very sporty check them out :)

Good luck :)




Most comfortable, durable and trendy skate shoes?
Q. Need an awesome pair of shoes for my boyfriend for his birthday. His old nasty shoes have a huge hole in them and they are horrible. Something trendy but durable. Any ideas?

A. i skate with vans and etnies my last ones were vans lasted me about 6-7 months of everyday skating ++ their very comfortable i dont like puffy skate shoes i guess that's a personal choice.
take notes from the last ones he had.. and buy one

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