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where can find a pair of shoes that are styleish and cheap?

Q. but the kind of shoe im lookng for is for a guy

A. Hey Girl,

This is my specialty. I tend to use the following online shops for all my GO TO shoe needs.


Also...check out my fashion blog Poor Girl Rich Closet. I post young, trendy, celebrity Looks for Less. each look includes cute shoes that are on trend for Fall & Winter 2012 at a great price.

Just click on the links below the post. Good Luck!

Missy B.
Fashion stylist-blogger
Poor Girl Rich Closet

what are the current trends in clothes shops?
Q. I have a job interview in a clothes shop and was wondering what current fashion trends are.

A. I don't follow women's fashion but I can provide the guys' trends for fall 2012 through summer 2013, or at least how they're predicted to be. This is according to major runway shows in Europe, so trends in American stores or unique shops will vary.

Some general trends: Slim pants/jeans (sometimes skinny), rolled up once or twice, JACKETS, hairstyles that are short on the sides/back and styled on top, accessories like watches and bracelets always make you look more stylish

Fall 2012 has some very light blues and oranges leftover from summer 2012 but they're only thrown in. Mainly, it's getting darker with blacks and grays, occasionally an obscure white or yellow dominated outfit. "A play on fabric" as Armani calls it is trendy, mixing different patterns and fabrics that you wouldn't normally match, as long as they go together in color. Outfits should stay simple and sleek though.

Winter 2012-13 is best described as "dark" and sometimes "tribal" with almost all black, brown and gray on jackets, pants and shoes/belts. Fabric play still revealant: For example, charcoal sweater with leather jacket throw-over.

Spring/summer 2013 should be sleek and include Mediterranean colors not only in just clothes but especially accessories. Like turquoise belts/shoes, bags and shirt accents. "Easter" colors is a good way to put it also. The base colors are blue and green.

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