Jumat, 23 Mei 2014

What are the top 5 trendiest, most popular shoes for young women at the moment? Both brands and styles please.

Q. And pics if you have any. Thanks!

A. Pointed toe stilettos are making a comeback, from the rounded toes of seasons before. Also, pointed heels. Platforms are still trendy, but not platform wedge. Gladiator anything is getting big. Ballet flats are always trendy.

How do trendy and young French women typically dress?
Q. Just curious and wondering if it's any better than the majority of the people dress in the U.S.

A. I read a book that said the French love to dress their best, not necessarily expensive. It said that they aren't the tee shirt and gym shoes type like we typically are. They maintain a clean look even when "hanging out" somewhere casual, think the preppy end of H & M line or Burberry. And the main thing is they are confident in whatever they wear, making sure to wear what makes them feel extra good about themselves, and that's what shows.
As far as naming specific brands I can't say, but it seems they like good quality clothes that last.

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