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I bought a pair of shoes but they are one size too big. What can I put inside them to make them fit?


A. I have the same problem, except all of my shoes are too big.
I use comfort padding from 'Boots' feet section, cut into strips and then stuck into the toes. I have to do this to all of my shoes because my feet are a size 3 and I have to wear orthotics - needless to say unless you are 12 years old, manufacturers don't make small, trendy shoes that fit orthotics (I am 32!).
Get the extra thick comfy padding and cut thin strips and stick into the toe section. If you stick it on the heel, I find it feels wierd because the shoe heel doesn't fit well, plus it looks really ugly.
Tuff luck if you have open toe sandals, I have to buy kids sandals!
Warning - Make sure your toes aren't too squashed at the end of the shoe, I use 2/3 layers of thick padding for shoes that are 1 size too big.
I am not a podiatrist and my podiatrist will kill me if she finds out that this is what I do to make trendy shoes fit my feet, but it does work!

Best shoes for standing up?
Q. I started working as a sales rep about 4 months ago and it's a great job. I get to stand all day, problem is, my shoes are always killing me. I get to work from F-Tu 8 hours shifts and even though I have 2 breaks and a lunch, my feet always hurt to a point that I can't sleep because of it.
I need black shoes for work and they can't be boots or tennis shoes, and definitely can't be open.

Desperate feet.
Doesn't matter if they are flat or not, the thing is I have this huge arch on my feet.

A. So, you have to wear heels? or flats? that's a bit uncomfy. I worked in Rite Aid for 6 years thankfully they allowed us to wear black sneakers.

Upon viewing the interent, I think the best thing to do is buy orthopedic shoes...ie doctor Sholls or other brands. These tend to be gentle on your feet, (nurses wear them) and allow you to stay long hours on your feet. Shoes are the basis for a good walking and standing in retail. So, even though not "trendy" or "fashionable" what you want is function and comfort.

Edit for additional details: if you scan the internet you can find sites that excel in orthopedic products. All you need to do is look up for shoe inserts for high arched feet. Source: My husband has flat feet and found a site (i'm sorry the name escapes me at the moment, it was so long ago) that made hard (but comfortable) formed plastic inserts. His feet have never felt better. He even has better posture from this addition to his shoewear.
Edit for my own additional detail: http://www.footsmart.com/P-IsoArch-High-Arch-Foot-Supports-10022.aspx here is what you are looking for. This is the exact site that my husband got his insert from. I guess, by the site, you can even ask for custom made inserts. They are a bit pricey however, for comfort and foot health, what cost wouldn't you be willing to pay. He's had his for almost a year and a half now.

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