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What are some good shoe and clothing wholesale websites?

Q. Sites that have trendy and new styles for narrow and wide feet. Also clothing sites that range in all sizes

A. chinese websites

Looking for a good brand of hiking shoes...any recommendations?
Q. Please reply only if you know from experience...I am not looking for something trendy. I am looking for something durable, waterproof, and that can withstand (and keep me from falling) rocks, eroded hills/mountains, mud, etc. Thanks for any advice!

A. I do a lot of hiking and backpacking. I have tried many different hiking boots over the years including Asolo, Danner, Merrell and HiTech without finding that perfect pair. My biggest complaints are that many were too narrow and nearly all would lose their tread or have holes worn in the sides or toe within a year.

Last year after hearing rave-reviews from friends who had them, I bought a pair of REI Leather Monarch hiking-boots (waterproof Gore-Tex version) and these have been a great pair of boots - by the far the best that I have ever had. I understand that the shoe is actually built by Raichle (a hiking boot company in Europe) and sold under the REI brand.

They are very comfortable, provide good ankle-support and have held up extremely well. I have put over 400 hundred miles on them in the last year and a half (including a 100 mile trip on Mount Rainier's Wonderland Trail and two trips to the bottom of the Grand Canyon) and they are still going strong. Perhaps the thing that I am most impressed with are the Vibram rubber soles - they still have excellent tread on them. Every other boot I have had before needed to be re-soled after about 300 miles (especially Asolo boots). I have also heard good things about Vasque, but have never owned a pair.

That being said, boots are one of the most personal hiking items and what is perfect for one person may be terrible for somebody else. Certain brands seem to be better for certain shapes of feet. While finding a reliable well-made brand is important, it is even more important that the boots fit and feel comfortable. If the shoe that fits best and feels right is some low-cost no-name brand that no else likes - go with it (and if they wear out quickly, buy an extra pair with the money you save :) ).

Go into a hiking shop and try on a number of different brands and spend a little time walking around the store in each (and going up and down the little fake slopes that many have). Wear whatever socks you would normally wear while hiking and try to go at the end of the day when your feet are somewhat more swollen and expanded than at any other time of the day. You want a snug fit at the heel, but wiggle room for the toes.

If you have an REI store near you, I have found that their salespeople (most of whom are hikers and campers) are more knowledgable and helpful than if you were to go to a shoe store or sporting goods store.

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