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What shoes to wear in warm weather?

Q. It's starting to get warm here and I'm sick of wearing tennis shoes. I'm a 15 year old dude. Idk what to wear... Flip Flops, Boat Shoes, what else? I have women's target moccasins that I got for a Christmas gift and even tho they were women's and I looked like I was gay they were super comfy so I wore them like everyday in the winter to school and everything but they would look dumb with shorts

A. Flip flops are currently trendy. Flip flops have an association with "surfer dudes." Girls like guys in flip flops, because of that "surfer dude" look. You know, "surfer dudes" have a carefree personality, and girls are attracted to that.

If you want a more sophisticated look, you can wear boat shoes, without socks.

Other than that, you can go barefeet.

what kind of shoes or boots do you wear with a jean skirt?
Q. for winter that is. i know i can wear sandals when it is warm weather, but what about now?

A. Right now ankle boots are quite fashion forward. There are ankle boots with different heights of heels, different thicknesses of heels, they are elaborately detailed with stitching, fur trims, nailheads, etc or they are quite plain and simple. Zappos.com has lots of ankle boots on the site by many different boot makers. Also dressy just-below-the knee-boots are classics with denim skirts, wear with opaque tights the same colour as the boots for a long and lean look. Western boots and cowboy boots are showing up women who seem to be two steps ahead of fashion, so if you also want to be a bit ahead, that's a good option. Very young trendy women wear short denim skirts with leggings and flats or leggings and fur trimmed boots.

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