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I have tiny feet so I can never find shoes that are age-suitable. Where can I buy trendy shoes in small sizes?

Q. I have size 2.5 or 3 feet and can never find any nice shoes for my age (I'm going to be 19 in a month). I'd love to be able to find shoes that are reasonably priced as well as trendy that I can fit into. I tried and they have some nice shoes in smaller sizes but it's kind of expensive. I want to get shoes that are $20-$50. Any other ideas?

A. I have the exact same problem! I'm about to be 20 and I can't find a single pair of nice high heels anywhere! anyways, my older sister told me about a website that designs heels for tiny feet women just like you and me! go to they're having a sale right now on their winter collection. the price is actually not that bad. i haven't ordered anything yet but i think this website might do just the trick! enjoy and let me know how it went. my shoe size is exactly like yours! take care and good luck!

what brand of cute shoes will not hurt my feet?
Q. i have very sensitive feet and have a very hard time finding shoes that will not rub or blister my feet. what brand would you suggest?

A. I have this problem also, but because I have a bad hip which means I can't wear all shoe types for lots of walking.

Gabor do comfortable supportive shoes, that re trendy, but a little expensive. Mine cost £50, and were reduced !

Faith and Clarks are good shops also.

For sensitive feet, I would advise that you invested a bit moer money than the averaeg person, because there are a lot of low quality shoes out there, and it isn't always easy to spot the exceptions.

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