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Ladies what kind of clothes do you like on men? Like styles, brands, stores ect.?

Q. Im a 20 year old slim male. I feel like im starting to grow out of the clothing stores I used to shop at as a teenager, maybe this is a sign of me becoming more mature! Haha but anyways I'd be helpful to hear some girls opinion on what looks good on a guy my age, what syles they like, and any good stores I should shop at. Thanks :)

A. My heart always skips a couple beats when I see a man in Burberry.

As far as styling goes, I'm head over heels for guys who channel their inner trendy professor- slightly disheveled but also very dapper. Bonus points for argyle, elbow patches, sneakers, and geeky glasses. For a more casual look, go for premium denim and a James Perse v-neck, paired with a high end hoodie, if climate control is necessary. Make sure you wear good shoes. Women are obsessed with shoes.

On to brands. Designer clothing is king. Once again, I love Burberry. Marc Jacobs is another one of my favorites. Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabbana, and basically anything from Barneys are all good bets. If those are out your range, try perusing their look books for inspiration and then book it to H&M or Urban Outfitters.

My favorite store for men by far is J.Crew. The style/cost/quality ratio is perfect, and they are always willing to help. If you have a large budget make the sales associates at Saks, Neimans, and Nordstrom your new bff. Otherwise, go for well made store brands for basics, and supplement them with trendier pieces from Urban Outfitters, Forever 21.

All that being said, be true to yourself. Trust me, women will notice.


Happy Shopping!

What is going to be the next "trend" in fashion?
Q. What is going to be the next "trend" in fashion for men and women?

A. Based on the spring 2010 fashion week runway shows, I predict that the following items will become trendy this year:

Clothing and accessories embellished with sequins, including handbags and shoes
All one color looks, head-to-toe
Floral prints

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