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Guys, where are the best places to buy inexpensive sweaters (winter clothing) in Paris, France?

Q. Guys I need your help to find the best clothing stores in Paris where I can buy good quality winter clothing and at the same time not so expensive? I need coat, sweaters and boots...
Going to France for 5 month, and I have to take some summer and winter clothing, but my luggage supposed to be max 22kg/50pounds (obviously not enough for me.) :( So the only option to shop there.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

A. If you're coming from the USA, an extra lugagge is charged $100 ..... Lots cheaper than buying a coat, boots etc.

A good quality coat costs over 800�, unless you buy during the sales. If you absolutely want to buy a coat, boots and clothes in Paris, I suggest going to an outlet, La Vallée Village is at the outskirts of Paris, sells many brands and there's a second shopping centre at the same place, which is not an outlet but sells inexpensive brands and it's quite big.

There's a cheaper outlet, the cheapest though sale some good brands, it's not in Paris, it's in Troyes city, you could also find nice clothes there though for the shoes better go to La Vallée Village.

In La Défense, just outside Paris, tube station La Défense Grande Arche, line 1 or RER A, theres Les 4 Temps shopping centre, it mostly sells inexpensive brands.

Zara is an Spanish chain of fashion stores, trendy and unexpensive, very popular in Paris.

Concerning the sweaters, I reccommend buying cashmere ones at Monoprix supermarkets, good quality, quite warm (cashmere is the warmest wool), they cost just above 100�. I often buy these sweaters and I combine with coats from Armani, Guy Laroche or Max Mara.

Since you'll spend less than 6 months in France, you can benefit from the vat refund, I think it's 12% off. http://www.douane.gouv.fr/page.asp?id=49
Mc Arthur Glen outlet and 2 department stores : Printemps and Galeries Lafayette give a 10% reduction card to tourists, simply ask for one at the welcome desk.

What dress could compliment my long-torsoed figure?
Q. I'm having a little trouble finding a dress for the upcoming winter formal dance at my high school. I have a long torso, so it's hard to find a dress that doesn't make my legs look like stubs. I also have a curvy figure (skinny stomach, bigger chest and butt), so wearing an a-line dress just makes my butt stick out and draws more attention to my long torso.

What cut would look best on me? (I'm about 5'4").

Any suggestions would be awesome!

A. Try dresses with this type of shape:

Here are just some general tips for girls with long torsos:
Try to elongate your legs

The longer your legs look, the less the observing eye will see any discrepancy or imbalance between legs and torso. Good bets include sporting short hemlines, wearing shoes and tights in the same color range, wearing pants and shoes/boots in the same color range, and trying out a few pairs of platform shoes.

Investigate high waists

High-waisted pants and skirts are an amazing tool for the long-of-torso. Since they end well above your true, natural waistline, they create visual balance along your midsection. Luckily, high waists have been trendy for a couple of years now, so they shouldn�t be too hard to locate!

Belt high, belt wide

Empire waisted dresses and tops are fabulous bets, but you can belt shirts and dresses on your own, too. And when you belt, belt high. You may be belting above the smallest part of your waist/torso, but in doing so, you�ll balance all that length. Utilizing a wide belt will help, too, since skinny belts might actually make your torso look yet longer. The width of the belt will break things up more gracefully. (If you�re a petite woman with a long torso, either stick to belting high or experiment with medium-width belts.)

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