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How can you make a 16 year old boy look 12?

Q. I need to make my 16 year old male friend look much younger for a day (around about 12 years old) for a film we're doing for drama class. Any ideas how I can do this?
Oh, I forgot, he has quite long hair (5" long) which hes going to get cut short anyway, so he won't mind if i cut it into a different style

A. Pick a short guy, make him use a squeaky voice, put a wide brimmed baseball cap, like in the sandlot. If his skintone is uneven, put foundation on him. If he needs to shave, do it, no stubble. If you don't want a hat, a bowl cut will work, but that's going back to the 90s, kids do buzzcuts too. With a buzzcut, no product in the hair, kids usually look soft and fuzzy, not put together. If his eyes don't look extremely young, avoid the hair in the eyes because it'll draw attention to them.

Big, not huge like hiphop style, clothes so it looks like he's supposed to grow into them, preferably comic book characters like the hulk. Basketball shoes - high tops. Kids bop when they walk, not hiphop trendy bop, but happy little kid bop. Obvious heel-toe action on the feet. Have him watch kids at the zoo for a day or watch kid movies.

Its fine if all his clothes look new, it'll look like his mom dressed him. Break a leg!

how to be trendy/fashionable (for teen men) ?
Q. my sister's brother isn't a nerd or a jock, he's just a normal boy. he's pretty good looking, except he's a little on the heavy side. nothing too major though. he came to me and his sister because he knows we always look up to date in fashion because he wants to look more fashionable. any ideas ? stores ? websites that offer advice ? if you have a specific clothes item in mind, a link is very much appreciated. thanks lots.

A. Most of the guys I'm friends with
(I'm a girl BTW) like to wear:

- Volocom, Hurley, American Eagle
- Polos
- Loose skinny jeans
- Faux-hawks
- Knitted sweaters
- Nike & Jordan shoes
- Adidas
- Baggy hoodies
- Hollister

Hope that helps ;)

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