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What shoes should i get?

Q. I need to get new shoes for summer as they've all out grown me and i have no new ones. My mom said she would bring me to the mall tomorrow to get a new pair, but the problem is i don't know what i want and i dont want to go without anything in mind. So i want to know what's like in right now, trendy or just nice shoes for like teenage girls? Oh and i already have Vans and toms, so don't suggest those because i dont want them again.

A. Sperrys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definatley get sperrys, theyre really cute boat shoes, they have tons of colors and patterns, they are totally trendy and chic!!!! They cost anywhere from like $65-$125, they are sold @, famous footwear, nordstrom, bloomingdales, and nordstroms.

Trendy/Vintage summer outfit for teens? ?
Q. I'm into the vintage and retro clothing; brogues, chinos etc.. Anything new?
Thanks! :)

A. sells very vintage pieces, but if you go it can be quite overwhelming (and expensive.) I own 4 dresses from there and I love them. Here are some outfits I wear that I get told kind of give off a vintage feel.

High-Waisted Floral Shorts
A plain white tank top tucked in
Some vintage sunglasses (ex: wayfarers, aviators)
Gladiator Sandals

A very girly lacy dress (mine's white)
A Black Leather Jacket
"Grunge" Shoes (which basically are boots with a rougher edge to them)

Also, when I want to look very presentable I wear a black and white polka dotted blouse tucked into a pencil skirt.

Vintage trends this summer:
High-Waisted Shorts
Delicate lace
Wayfarers/Aviators (which have been popular 2 summers in a row)
Also the "Biker" look is in (leather, grunge shoes, crosses, pleather shorts)

The most common looks I see with a vinatge feel are these two;

A floral dress and a Jean Jacket (or those cotton jackets that look like jean material)


Pleather shorts with a loose tank top with a cross tucked it. The most popular loose tank tops with crosses I see have some kind of leopard print on the cross.

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