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whats in style spring/ summer 2011 for teen girls?

Q. I'm 15, turning 16, girly/ trendy/ boho

this is regarding shoes, colors, everything pretty much


A. What's in style :

-boyfriend jeans
-boyfriend blazers
-coloured/patterned tights
-nautical elements
-military elements
-basic ballet flats
-flip flops
-colourful sneakers
-colour blocking
-white clothing
-fun prints

What are some spring trend must havs?
Q. Yes spring is approaching whats going to be trendy and in for 2011 summer dresses shoes (flats) if possible send links please =). i want to look great for the summer but don't know what to look for when i shop. whats in?
by the way i'm 20 and i live in jersey so if you can name any good budget sotres in new jersey that would help as well.

A. I have a youtube channel that has a lot of cute ideas for outfits, along with other videos. You can check them out and get some really good ideas! :)
Here's the link for my newest video:


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