Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

Women this is a clothing survey for you?

Q. Daisy Dukes or a Mini Skirt
Knee length skirt or ankle length
Wire bra or wireless bra
Heels or sneakers
Comfortable shoes or trendy shoes
glasses, context, lasics, readers or no never needed glasses
more nutrals in your clothes or more vivid colors in your clothes?

Hey thanks for the answers in advance! Just curious!

A. mini skirt
knee length skirt
wire bra
trendy shoes
vivid colors

Is there such thing as Trendy Orthopedic Athletic shoes?
Q. I'm a 34 year old woman who works in a business casual setting. Can anyone help with finding trendy orthopedic shoes? My Dr says I need to wear gym shoes while treating my planter faciitis but it seems difficult to accessorize around the New Balance shoes??? Puma is trendy but are they ok? I'm going to ask my Dr about them but thought I may get an answer here first. Help please?! Most styles are just too u-g-l-y!

A. Hi,

This question is the reason so many retailers of orthopedic shoes have trouble selling their products to consumers. The answer is quite simple -- yes! Nowadays, orthopedic shoe manufacturers have started bringing in shoe designers to update their shoes. In fact, they try to mirror the current styles of ordinary shoes as much as possible, while preserving the qualities and features that make them orthopedic.

If you are looking for a place to start your search for stylish orthopedic shoes, check out brands such as Orthaheel, Aetrex, Ecco, and Propet.

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