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When should males start buying from mens?

Q. I am 5 feet tall. my shoe size is 6.5, but i always wear a half size bigger so that i can make them last longer while i get newer shoes so i can have alot of them. And one more thing, whats the difference between Kids, Juniors, and Men. not really kids, andmen, but how is juniors different from men and kids and what is it? Also i'm turning 13 next month

A. My personal feeling is that you should star buying men's clothes when you start high school. This includes both men's departments, and also stores meant for both teens and young adults, like American Eagle and the like.

Also, in a department store, the differences are something like
Kids = for little kids
Juniors = trendy crap
Men's/Ladies = a variety of clothes meant for adults, or teenagers who prefer classics over weird fads and trends, but you have to find what's right for you because these sections have things meant for 15-year-olds all the way to things meant for 100-year-olds.

Office ladies what do you wear to dress to impress at work?
Q. I am looking for new ideas for winter. Dress down or up, suit or smart-casual. Fashionable and interesting but professional, I need something new to wear. Links to photos and products would be great. Even accessories or hairstyles would help too. Thanks.

A. I work for several medical offices', so I have to look professional. It also depends on the specialty of the office. Surgical and Primary Care I dress conservative - dress pants, low heels, blouse w/ sweater or jacket, simple jewelry. Pediatrics - more colorful, fun or seasonal jewelry - pumpkin earrings, flashing witch pin. Plastic Surgery - shorter skirts with knee high boots, V neck shirts. More trendy & sexy.

Start w/ good basics: A suit set: pants, skirt, jacket, several blouses that can work w/ the suit including a white button down shirt. Shoes, quality med heel black & brown. This stuff should all have classic lines that won't go out of style. Knee high boots, black and brown.

Build wardrobe from this. Every girl needs a fab black dress & heels. Use accessories to update, Patterned tights add edge to a simple wool skirt and boots. Scarves bring color around the face & can be worn many ways including around the head and tied under chin, add large sunglasses, instant old hollywood glamour.

Hair can really pull a look together. Get a book on styling how to & play. KLUTZ has a great one. I like to wear a suit, pull my hair back in a bun or twist and wear black framed reading glasses.

To sum up: Quality, classic basics that can work together, a few trendy pieces, & a variety of accessories, jewelry, hair clips, scarves. A good way to stay current on trends is to look at the ads from Macy's, JC Penny. Some girls even keep a fashion scrapbook. Cut out items or outfits you like and glue them in a notebook. It helps when faced w/ a closet full of clothes and the words "I have nothing to wear" comes out of your mouth.

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