Kamis, 20 Februari 2014

Are Converse All-Stars okay to wear when traveling in Italy?

Q. I'm going on a trip there soon and I already know that tennis shoes are a big no-no. Would converse be considered tacky there?

A. Tennis shoes are very common in Italy... Teens are used to wear them, but even if you're 30 that's just about how much you think appearance is important for you; if you ask to Italians living in Italy what's "trendy" or "elegant" they're going to give (usually :) the correct answer but simply just 5-10% of people do actually are "trendy" or "elegant" :-) I suppose that's the reason you were said "no tennis shoes!"
Anyway, Converse All Star and similar kind of shoes are commonly sold in Italy; personally, I can only suggest to avoid too much multicolored models and choose a more sober one, but that's just a hint.

Cheap female shoe store in America?
Q. I will be travelling to america in a couple of days and Im wondering which popular stores sell trendy cheap, affordable footwear in America. So I live in Australia and for example, here we have Rubi Shoes, Famous footwear and NOVO shoes. They have the latest shoes style and trend and sell them with student friendly price tags, so if any girls know any nice shoes stores they can recommend me, it would be extremely awesome. thank you in advance!

A. The best store for what you're looking for is Payless Shoe Source. They're pretty common in the Northeast over here, and I assume they're around in other parts of the country. Their shoes range from $15 to $25.

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