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do flat shoes/boots make most people look short & stumpy & walk awkwardly like a duck?

Q. how do you think it looks on other people? use some adjectives to describe it. do you wear flat shoes/boots often? does it make you look slimmer/taller or what? what outfits does it look good with? be specific.thanks.

A. If you're going to go flat, do it with style! Actually, flat shoes and boots can have a very stylish, trendy look to them, but you have to know the right way to dress with them. Anyone who walks like a duck in them walks like a duck, anyway, so don't worry about that.

Flats look good with jeans and big shirts with tank tops underneath. They also look great with skirts (from mini to maxi) and vintage hippie-style blouses or even t-shirts. It depends where you are going and what you want to do. I like to mix luxe fabrics like velvets and silks with crisp white cotton and wear a pair of all-leather black flat boots that tie.

Flats also look good with the new baby-doll look, so if you like the tops and dresses in that style, you're looking at the right footwear.

The trick to all flat shoes and boots is to find a look that you like and feel comfortable in. The rest should come naturally. And if your boots are fitted properly, you should feel like you're barefoot.

Good luck -- and no worries about the ducks!


Tip for trendy shoes... ?
Q. I wears converses all time and I wants a different style of shoe.. I'm sixteen and is there any good stylish walking shoes for me? I'm from Canada. Don't give out some American stores that aren't in Canada.

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