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What type of casual/urban outfits should a young man wear with a greek style fisherman/cabbie hat?


A. a nice pair of jean i would go for not too light not too dark, belt, plain scoop neck top, probably long sleeved, or v neck bepends what u like n a nice cardigan ino it sounds very old skool but that looks very nice in talking the cardigens that come down like a v so u can see the top underneath, can be worn open or shut (nice ones in gap for men) and to top it off the hat and there u go the perfect look (shoes or low pumps) casual urban hip n trendy

When should males start buying from mens?
Q. I am 5 feet tall. my shoe size is 6.5, but i always wear a half size bigger so that i can make them last longer while i get newer shoes so i can have alot of them. And one more thing, whats the difference between Kids, Juniors, and Men. not really kids, andmen, but how is juniors different from men and kids and what is it? Also i'm turning 13 next month

A. My personal feeling is that you should star buying men's clothes when you start high school. This includes both men's departments, and also stores meant for both teens and young adults, like American Eagle and the like.

Also, in a department store, the differences are something like
Kids = for little kids
Juniors = trendy crap
Men's/Ladies = a variety of clothes meant for adults, or teenagers who prefer classics over weird fads and trends, but you have to find what's right for you because these sections have things meant for 15-year-olds all the way to things meant for 100-year-olds.

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