Kamis, 20 Februari 2014

Tip for trendy shoes... ?

Q. I wears converses all time and I wants a different style of shoe.. I'm sixteen and is there any good stylish walking shoes for me? I'm from Canada. Don't give out some American stores that aren't in Canada.

A. Brand Name�UGG Boots
UGG advantage: versatility, super warm, comfortable, cute
UGG disadvantage: heavy, wearing them will make you seems stubborn
For what people: women, men, old, young all people
What to wear with: jeans, legging, trench and so on.
Shopping guide: http://www.hotuggbootsonline.com

Why do some women interfere when their partner tends to buy shoes?
Q. Some women (wives/girfriends) gets in the way whenever their partner tries to get new pairs of shoes. For instance, the woman would say that she doesn't like them, they're ugly or she doesn't really like them BUT HEY...THEY ARE NOT THE ONES WHO ARE GONNA WEAR THEM NOR MATCH THEM WITH CERTAIN WARDROBES!!!

Furthermore, why does men let that happen when they are the ones who should choose the style and fit that they are comfortable with???

Lastly, some men allow that to happen. Why? It's pathetic when they lose their SAY in that matter.

A. Because the women will have to be seen with the man who is wearing them and if it's a bad/outdated/too trendy/disliked style, she'll be razzed about her mans gear.
Not how society should be but realistically how it is.
She knows this. And, she cares.

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