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Where can I find trendy toddler boots for my son?

Q. Don't want Oldnavy, Gap, Jcrew or any other big name brands.
Most parents don't dress their children in crap. Most parents actually care what their children's clothing looks like. My child is 3, not an infant. If you didn't care then don't waist my time and not answer the question.
Not looking for Big names again...looking for mom and pop shops that have websites. Thanks.

A. Try Brooks Shoes, Little happy feet or shoes zoo !

Some good starting ASL words to start with toddler?
Q. My daughter is 20 months old but doesn't like to talk much... She has known how to sign "more" for a long time now, since that was the only sign I knew and it seemed to work for a lot of things... She's starting to get frustrated more lately b/c she can't say what she wants. I want to teach her more signs, what are some good ones to start with? I was thinking:
sleep or bed
and since we are dabbling a little in potty training, the signs for bowel movement and urine...
What are some more you think she would utilize?
Yes, we read to her every night and I talk to her a lot about the things around her. I used to work in a child development center and I know she is a little behind average. The doc says that she's not so far behind as to be worried, but you know, you always do. I'm not sure why she's picking up the talking so slowly. She understands what I say to her, though, and she's very good at following instructions.

A. Try to find the Signing Time videos! I believe it is also on PBS (here on Sunday mornings). We rented the videos from our local library though. It shows 2 kids doing all the signs and the mom of the deaf one talks and introduces the signs. Very well done and very engaging. Great place to start.

We started with:
Kitty (or do Dog, whichever you have!)
All Done

But you should add whatever you encounter daily:
Cracker (a little harder sign but useful)

My son is 3 and has a voracious vocabulary but we still work on learning new signs (he probably knows 500 now) and I quiz him so he does not forget them. Many of our friends used it only when the kids were learning to talk, but then quit and the kids have forgotten it. I think sign language is a valuable way of communicating! It's a second language!

It was adorable when my son and his best friend were 14 mos old and his friend wanted some of his snack and said "Share?" while signing Share and my son gave him a piece and said, "Friends" and signed Friend and they both laughed. These 2 talked very early (5-6mos) and easily learned signs of the animals at the zoo (fun & interactive if you can go to the zoo!), colors, and the alphabet at the same time their spoken vocabulary grew. They each spoke 100 words by 12 mos and knew about 40 signs. Sadly the friend moved away when they were 16 mos. It helps to be around other kids who sign! (Not too hard these days, it's pretty trendy!) The support can reinforce what your child is learning.

I was trying to make the point that (counter to what someone else said) that knowing sign language does NOT slow down mental development in any way. Some kids are just slower at talking and sign language can be a BIG help. You will be able to communicate and understand their needs even if they don't talk much. They will eventually! And knowing signs will decrease their tantrums and increase self esteem when they know they are "heard" and understood. That is the case with a friend of mine whose 2.5 yr old daughter still does not talk much and you can barely make out a few words when she does, it's mostly babble. But she can sign a good amount!

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