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Twin baby names.. Please read & help?

Q. Im pregnant with twins. Idk the genders yet. If they're both boys or just one boy... I need help on his name. These are the boy names I like: Brantley, Nicholas, Kyson, Levi, Kaiden, Parker, etc. If they're both boys, I really want Brantley and Greyson to their first names.... But I'm not sure. I'm stuck on if Greyson should be a first name or a middle name. Please help? Btw, I like new, trendy names. Thanks. :)

A. Oh god, Levi is awful. Please remember that you might like modern names, but they won't always be modern. Although your poor children will be stuck with them. Please think very very carefully before you humiliate your children.

How old are you? Think back to a time when you thought you had the best hairstyle there ever was, and now you cringe at the thought of it. Or a pair of shoes, a dress, anything that was super trendy at one point in your life, and think how you feel about it now. That happens with names too.

And think of your children when they have to get jobs. Think how people will have created mental impressions of them, just by reading their name, and judge them before they've even met them.
Is that really what you want for your children?

Please think very carefully before you put social labels on them. Because sadly, society does judge people by their names.

(can only imagine the thumbs down underneath came from the mother of some unfortunate child named Levi....)

What are some shoes that are in style like Baby Phat?
Q. What are some shoes that are like Baby Phat.
Any that are stylish trendy please tell me?

A. air forces, jordans, adiddas,vans dont get shaqs or airwalkers [[payless shoes]]

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