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Are TOMS shoes worth it?

Q. Do TOMS last long? My birthdays coming up, and I finally convinced my mom to get me TOMS for my b-day, although they're 60 dollars with tax.. and that's a lot of money, and I don't want to waste her money, if the shoes don't even last long, especially since I walk a lot.
Also, I'm 5'3 1/2 or so and am size 7.5-8(in US) considering this, I have pretty narrow and big feet :/ and I don't want my feet to look even bigger, also to add, I wear skinny jeans.
Bottom line is, are TOMS worth it? Do you think I should get TOMS? Will they look horrible on me?
(Yes I realize that they're so expensive because one pair is donated, but TOMS look like they aren't very hold-able. Yet, TOMS seem to be the big trend at my school.)

A. TOMS don't last long.
I would get shoes that are BOTH comfy, trendy, AND last long.
There are lots of shoes that must be trendy in your school. I know TOMS are trendy in my school but not everyone wears them. Some people in my school wears Vans, Nike, flats, reebok, etc.

I would get some running shoes or sneakers or cute flats

PLUS you can't really get active like jog or play sports in them.
TOMS are more for like going out.

And it only looks good on people with thin legs in my opinion,

TOMS are like 50 dollars at Nordstrom,

But with sneakers or running shoes, anybody and pull it off and also they are cheaper (depends what shoes you get actually)

Flats, they ARE MUCH CUTER than TOMS. Toms are plain and simple with a little tag. Flats can have bows, silver, gold, etc. Unless you get the TOMS with designs or glitter.

If you wear TOMS to school for 5 days straight, walking to each period. Your feet will get MAJOR sores.
And you can't wear socks with Toms (well you can but it would look silly).

I am 5'6 and wear 8 size, and my feet look OK. no one at school insults my feet,
Sorry this is too much. ;)

What shoes are popular for 2012/now?
Q. I really want to get new shoes I have

I have
short boots
tall boots

I was thinking toms maybe? minnetonkas? uggs?

A. I like how you're very into fashion and want to have trending shoes coming into the New Year- Brianna!!

Toms look quite nice and casual (depending on what colour of shoes you buy), but I think they are more for Spring/Summer. I don't think they will be very good at insulating your feet from the cold. (The material that Toms are made out of seem similar to canvas pumps that I wore recently out, which resulted in extremely cold feet.) I don't think you should buy Toms!

I don't like really like the look of Minnetonkas. However, I would buy the shorter Minnetonkas than the taller ones, as you see less of the may vertical string things which I don't like.

They seem to go well with skinning jeans, dark pairs of leggings and tights with jeans shorts, which are fashionable these days.

Out of all three I would by Uggs. They are very trendy (when I'm out and about I always see so many people wear them) and they are very cosy and good for keeping your feet warm.

However if you are type of person that likes to stand out from the crowd and dress up differently to others, when it comes to fashion, Minnetonkas may be the way forward, instead of Uggs. I don't see many people wearing them, so you would certainly stand out!

I Googled Minnetonkas and found a picture of Kate Moss wearing them, so for a model to be wearing them, it mustn't be that ugly!

Maybe you should also buy a pair of black flat shoes or black shoes with a small heels, for formal outfits.

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