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girls out there know where to find trendy sandals for tall girls?

Q. Any ladies out there know where to find (online or elsewhere) trendy sandals (hot ones, not old lady strappies) for taller girls? I'm 5'8" and my bf is 5'11". Great barefoot, but when I put on the shoes I really like I tower over him because they are 3 inches or higher! But I looove cute heeled sandals (steve madden, candies, etc) We're going on vacation to california, a cruise, and then mexican riviera. Two weeks but I have cute pants, skirts, dresses, etc that I cant wear some ugly flats with and I cant wear flip flops with everything!! Heeelp

A. http://www.piperlime.com/browse/category.do?cid=34705&tid=PLGO73115&kwid=1< free shipping

so I see a girl yesterday and she is like six feet tall wearing platform shoes WHY?

A. Because women really don't understand fashion. They understand trend.
They hear something is trendy and go do it. Platform shoes are going to be here for a while, like ugg(ly) boots, or that cardigan sweater fetish.

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