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I have such a hard time finding heels that stay on my feet.?

Q. I have very high arches and unless the shoe has an ankle strap or t-strap, they all fall off when I walk. Any hints to keep regular heels on for work? Are there straps that can be added to standard heels ? It takes me months to find one pair that will actually work.

A. I have the same problem. Wasted too much money on strappy shoes that slip and slide.
You should take advantage of the cute booties that are in style right now, something with a boot-like cut but with a heel. Or there is always the Mary Jane style pumps with a strap across the foot. That would be the best for work.
Also, clogs are apparently coming back in style, they are backless but cover the top of the foot completely. Not my style but it's going to be trendy.

for overweight people - do people discrminate or act rude because of your weight?
Q. I remember being a chunky teen and being treated differently sometimes than friends. Even some rude comments from adults about how I dressed in comparison to my skinny friends (I wore looser clothing)

Now as an adult I lost weight and dont deal with that. I doesn't cross my mind to treat someone badly because of their body type, but I wonder what others are experiencing?

A. Since I'm a female over 50, I've become somewhat invisible.
I'm not part of a sought-after demographic so I just don't count.
I'm overweight but I try to take care in my dress when I'm out in public so I don't get those evil, nasty, Wal-Mart kinds of comments.

While finding clothing when I was younger was a problem, stores eventually stopped treating the plus-sized teen as inconvenient.
It finally dawned on them that a size 17 was willing to spend good money on clothes if available.

But then, along comes Mike Jeffries of Ambercrombie and Fitch and his pronouncements against larger teens and the color black and sends us back to the bad old days.

If I still had kids at home, I'd refuse to give them money to shop at A&F - if they were desperate for that clothing, they'd have to earn the money themselves.

We all have our vanities
...my daughter shops The Gap and Jones NY because the clothing fits well and matches her lifestyle.
...my son hits Foot Locker because he likes trendy athletic shoes.

However, neither will bankrupt themselves because they are both self-assured individuals and are more likely to judge someone on actions instead of dress.

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