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Where can I buy a trendy, good- quality pair of shoes for a good price?

Q. I really need new shoes, but I can't spend a lot of money on them. Ideally, I only want to spend $60 or less. But I want stylish, trendy shoes, that will hold up well if I wear them every day. I'm not opposed to buying online, but I'd rather not. So what stores do you think I should look at? What kind of shoes should I get. Pics would be really helpful! Thanks!

A. I try to find the best place for you to buy a trendy shoes.
The prices are good ,high quality and maybe FREE Shipping.

Where can I find stylish shoes that will support my Plantar Fascitis feet?
Q. I wear my custom orthodics in my sneakers when possible, but I can't wear sneakers to work or less causal events. Any suggestions on where to find trendy/stylish shoes, sandals, or flats that are reasonably priced?
I need an alternative to sneakers with my custom orthodics. I can't wear sneakers to work.

A. A reputable tennis shoe with good support (leather) is always good. If you do use an orthotic (whether custom- made or store-bought), be sure to take the inlay that comes with the shoe out first.
Also, be sure to do heel stretching exercises.

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