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What are the TOP TEN fashion trends in the USA right now?

Q. I'm from the UK but I like American fashion too :)
A lot of it is quite similar but I was just interested :)

ty x

A. Um, not sure. Right now there are no definite trends. This is because the world is changing. 10 years ago there was no "internet" as we know it today. We were influenced by what we saw on TV or in film. But since the world wide web came into existence, people started to wear stuff they saw just a regular person wearing online. Notice the rise of people on Y!A asking where they could get certain articles of clothing they saw in a picture online? Yeah, things are changing. It's good in some ways, I guess. But a real shame in others. Since one minute what you are wearing is in style but the next you look like a fool. Because people just can agree on what is "in style."

So to list the top ten is basically choosing all the ones people are hanging on to from days gone by. None is really in style or out of style it's just stuff I see people wearing on the street:

1. Skinny jeans (from the Disney shows like High School Musical a couple years back)
2. Black hair. With side swept bangs (from the emo craze in 2006)
3. Head band hair bows. (From the brief "goth" revival in 2005 from the late 90's)
4. Looking like a homeless person. (From 2003's ripped "vintage" jeans)
5. Looking like a hippie - flowy long dresses, head bands, sandals (from 2005's Nicole Richie and those kids from "The Hills" Lauren Conrad and so on)
6. Wearing only black, white, gray, tan, and brown colored clothing. No brignt colors. (from 2008 after the recession hit, dying fabrics is more expensive than just bleaching them or whatever)
7. Tights; like wearing a slinky dress with black tights. (from the early 90's when women would wear skirts to work but had to cover up their legs with stockings to look "professional")
8. Hoodies (from the mid 90's when they were introduced dominantly into kids wear)
9. Ballet flats shoes (from 2005 a revival from the 80's)
10. What ever the hell Lady Gaga is wearing; 80's sun glasses, 80's shoulder pads, 80's cone bras (clearly taken from the 80's)

I find UK fashion far more edgy than here in the US. Like the stuff I saw on your TV show "Skins." Wow! That's trendy! Over hear stuff is so boring. But I find it cool that you find intrest in American fashion. I guess the grass is allways greener on the other side. ;D

What are your thoughts on these Hunter boots?
Q. I really like this color, but I just wanted some feedback. Thanks!


A. The Hunter winter boots are quite handy for use during rainy season as well as snowfall. They are largely popular among the fashion conscious men and women as they instantly get noticed. They are available in lots of colours, funky designs and sizes. In places, where snowfall is predominant, the popularity of these boots is on the rise. Previously rain boots were known as the Wellington boots. Made from natural rubber it gives high flexibility and great comfort.

One of the distinctive features of Wellington boots is the presence of gusset that is kept under the buckle for considerable ease of walking and running on rough terrains. People living in countries were there is high rainfall or snowfall, Wellington shoes are widely preferred. This is not all; Hunter Wellington shoes are famous among celebrities as well and have successfully made its mark in todays era. Hunter winter boots are completely waterproof and are made using excellent craftsmanship.

The best advantage of stylish and functional boots from Hunter Wellington is that they can be worn by everyone irrespective of their age. There are many leading brands nowadays that are manufacturing waterproof boots to cater to the needs of people. However, Hunter boots remains a leading brand due to its high quality, excellent designs, and perfect fit as preferred by style conscious people.

This brand is known for manufacturing some of the best footwear since years. Recently, a new line of footwear including the sheepskin, suede, glossy potent and other popular styles has been launched by this brand in collaboration with Jimmy Choo, a designer house. You can find some really outstanding designs for men and women. A perfect combination of classic and modern design has given this new range a classic, contemporary look. Few most popular designs in this collection are the Traditional Gloss and the Regent Savoy.

The traditional Hunter boot as we know is perfect for wearing outdoors and have a rustic charm to it. The new designs are even more appealing and have been received by Hunter fans with great enthusiasm. The original one is the green rubber design that is very comfortable and mainly worn by the landowners to avoid the mud and rain. The Clarendon Neoprene Boot is one of the most popular one since it gives you the best fit and looks very stylish. The classy colours match with every costumes and the fur gives ultimate comfort during the chilling winter. They are comfy and have a Neoprene lining.

The Claredon Boot has vulcanised rubber at the upper part and in the outer sole it has natural rubber. The advantage of the neoprene lining is that it provides warmth and comfort during the snowfall. The foot-bed has cushioned sponge that has multiple layers and it weighs just 1900 grams per pair and should not be worn near machines.

Hunter is a preferred shoe brand in the UK as they are not just trendy and durable but also elegant and functional.

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