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Where can I get good walking shoes?

Q. My fiance is planning our honeymoon for Las Vegas in June. I've never been to "Sin City" so I'm really looking forward to it. Based on the information that he was reading about all of the activities we want to go to, we will be doing a lot of walking along the strip. Since we will be visiting here at the end of June I know that the weather will be very hot .... I would like to know what a good shoe is for walking a lot in hot weather? I want something that will support my feet but be appropriate for heat and such.

A. Do Not wear flip flop. I made a huge mistake by wearing it during a hot summer day. The whole day i felt like my feet it burning. The pavement get really hot in the afternoon so shoes with really thin bottom is not good

Yes i know Croc is ugly and it is not trendy anymore, but it is still the most comfortable walking shoes i ever own!

How to convince my mom to let me get boots?
Q. So we are going shoe shopping and I really want those laceups and they are really cute, theyve gotten popular now. Ideas to convince her? Thanks!

A. point out how the shoe is going to last you a long time
it is versatile and goes well with many many outfits
maybe even she could wear it! if the same shoes size
tell her it is very easy to slip on and off and will stay trendy for a very long time
explain how the colour of it is very neutral (is it?) and perfect for many season. you can wear it during winter with jeans or during summer with shorts. etc

say you'll buy it yourself or pay her back once you get money on your birthday.
do chores at your house.

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