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What are some good teenage guy shoes and tee's for the summer and fall?

Q. My shoes are are about to give away, and I was wondering what the "in" guy shoes this summer/fall? I currently have red nike free runs, and I'm looking at getting nike skate shoes. Also I hate wearing graphic/brand name tees and I was wondering what's another alternative to these?I know this probably doesn't matter, but I live in the suburbs of Chicago and go to a sorta preppy school. So most guys wear skinny jeans and Jordan's.

A. You wanna look good and in fashion? Dress the way i do. I live in portland a trendy vintagey place. Ok heres how you can dress, ditch graphic tees and as well as those nikes. Places i shop are american apparel( here you will shop you basic tees) if its to much target has basically the same typed of shirts a little more in budget. Why basic tee? If you have to wear tees dont have graphics on them. These come off childish and young. Wearing hollister and ambercrombie makes you look like a deuce and a metro so ditch those. If you want more of a preppy look a great outfit is again a basic tee of any color you like and get some chino shorts that match well ( mostly for summer use warm colors or pastels.) one of my outfits like this is a white tee with a navy blazer with a salmon colored chino short. Button ups! Yes both plaids and normal are great! They are both very in fashion. You can even wear them with chinos just role up the sleeves to where they are tight and above the elbow.also skinny jeans are great! But make sure you have the body type. If you have a muscular skinny (ciggarette) jeans are as flattering. I can never wear skinnys in unporportions my upper half. So if you are muscular like me wear slim straights or just slimfit. They are more flattering. Ok shoes. Dress shoes that can look casual and arent very "dressy"are perfect get them in a dark brown a perfect color for any could wear dockers or sperrys. They are popular.also if you ever wonder about accesories. Ties watches and glasses are all good additions.jackets avoid pullovers and get blazers( thrifting they are easy) and button up jackets and military style jackets. Also another way to make yourself stick out and look better are skin care and hair. Hygeine even though its not apart of the question is also a plus to every outfit. Gelled haircuts are making a modern return like the new version of the pomp. I mean look at jt tunnel vision mv his suave hairstyle is a portrayl of 40s and 50s hairstyle. Most guys dont understand dressing well is apart of looking well. Always be shaved and well groomed. Also make your skin clear with neutrogina face washes and moistrizers. Trim those nails and make sure your clothes are always clean and washed. A number of good places to shop for guys, forever 21 cottonon target american apparel urban outfitter h and m and express. Also cologne please dont over use it! Spray your wrist rub together and place on neck then spray chest once sudilty is best. Sorry for ranting i just thought i should tell all i know:) thanks.

Can Someone Tell Me How to choose shoes?
Q. I don't mean how to pick a sneaker or a regular shoe (I know that already). I mean the shoes that you wear with your suit (or tuxedo). Can someone give me some tips? Thank You.
And also tell me where I can buy the shoes? Thank You.
And also tell me where I can buy the shoes? Thank You.

A. Buy something with a rounded pointed toe with minimal detail. And it has to be black, and buff them up with a shoe care kit before you go. Balance the shininess of the shoe with the shininess of your suit.

Also, be aware that the amount you spend will be pretty visible in the quality of leather so don't skimp out�don't pretend that cos some people can't tell the difference that the difference is invisible. Also, wear your suit pants when you go to try them on if not your whole suit.

Go to a men's shoe specialist, especially if its run by some old guy and the store looks out of date. Buy something made in Italy or England. You may buy something made in Portugal but reference it against the made in Italy stuff because they do make some pretty cheap looking shoes there too. Look for depth in the leather. You're probably looking at upwards of 280USD. Buy a brogue (safe) or a boot that goes just above your ankle if you trust your judgement on this, but both with laces. I've seen people do a loafer but I think it brings the tone down unless its a summer party outdoors and you don't wear socks and you wear a cropped slim fit suit pant.

You could go with something cheaper and it'll probably last you the night and look fine. Just buying cheap shoes is much more difficult and they never last long�I couldn't give you a buying guide over yahooanswers as it would be too long. Buying something at the 280usd bracket, if you're lucky can last you 5 years plus with some repairs and winds up being better value.

Have a look on the Sartorialist if you need some inspiration, just beware of going for something too trendy as a classic look is always a good look for men.

Oh! And I almost forgot, wear them a bunch before the actual night as it takes a while for the leather to break in. If you don't, you'll be hobbling around and have no fun

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