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What does it mean by tendy night club attire when going to vegas?

Q. I am going to be in vegas in 2 months and wondering what to wear and examples for men and women. Need help with this and lots of ideas especially for men! Thanks

A. Trendy means whatever is most popular at that time. Backwards baseball caps and baggy pants were once trendy for young men but now a lot of clubs frown on that look. Fancy clubs usually have a dress code posted at their entrance and on their web site. When RA was in Luxor, I read their card, it said something about men having to wear a collared shirt, no tennis shoes (sneakers) allowed, no t-shirts, no jeans. Look up the clubs on Google and look for their dress codes.

For example, here's Pure's dress code:


Dress Code:
Casual Chic: Fashionable attire is required. No sports jerseys, tank tops on men, tennis shoes or athletic wear of any kind will be permitted. The dress code is at management's discretion.

What's a good name to have for a trendy, young women's fashion boutique?
Q. Something quite feminine. I Have thought of ones like Diva, Glitter, Sparkle, Butterfly but I think they sound too predictable. I like the sound of 'Two Lips' but there is already a shoe brand by that name. Another name was 'Luscious' but it sounds slightly provokative and I've checked that it is the name of a boutique that sell lingerie and nightwear for women. Any ideas?

A. Serendipity... Unless its already taken

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