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what is considered beautiful in New Zealand?

Q. I really would like to know what is considered beautiful in new zealand. I am writing a paper on fashion and beauty in new zealand. please help me

A. Good luck on that one. There seems to be two ways of dressing here for females. Up to about age 30, dress is very "trendy" and pretty much anything goes. Sometimes you wonder what the heck they were thinking. After about age 30, they switch into dowdy matronly mode with ugly shoes and drab colors. A few women seem to be able to put things together to look nice and still be fashionable.

Men: shorts, tee shirt, jandals, or (for work) black socks and slip on black steel toed boots, or gumboots. Accessories would be any article in fluoresent yellow/green. And a hat. Oh, there are some that wear dress clothes to work, but once they get home....

Where can I find "androgynous" men's shoes?
Q. And/or shoes with a heel that have a more "masculine" look. I love the feeling I get by wearing shoes with a heel, but I don't like how most women's heels are designed. I don't like a really thin heel, how open they are, etc. I would like the look of something like a loafer or slip in with a heel, but I'm not sure where to look for shoes like this. Any advice? Thanks!

A. Look at some of these from Bass. This is a link to the whole "casual" category so you'll have to look past some trendier styles, but many of the shoes at this link might be exactly what you want.



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