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Personal Essay [Publisher Competition]?

Q. This is for a competition that could evidently help me publish a book with a trip to London and monthly workshops in Edinburgh.

Personal Essay on "My Ambitions."

This essay is about Ambitions, but not just anyone's ambitions. My ambitions. I have always had many ambitions from when I was just 5, but now I am 14 years old and I really need to start giving this some thought as I begin to enter adutlhood. This year is my fourth year in secondary school, and since primary I would like to have believe myself to have been quite smart but now the teenage pressures that plague other students education have began to eat away at me. In classes that used to be wonderous and fun have become routine and boring and the relentless hunger for knowledge that I once had began to wittle away. During the summer I have been training myself for the impossible seeming year ahead of me and for the past three years I feel as if I have only been becoming aquainted with the trials and tribulations of secondary education. I have always been quite ambitious and imaginative and ever since I was 5 years old I have always believed that I would become an astronaut or a writer when I was older. This seemed to be quite the hip and trendy jobs at the time and as I had always been a fan of the Doctor Who series I had always imagined myself stepping out onto the moon standing proud and staring down at humanity taking a large step for 'Man'.

But as I grew older I began to realise this was becoming more and more impossible. This became clear as I entered my primary stage of education which would sow the seeds of knowledge for my still developing mind. Only the physically and mentally ultimate could achieve such a feat and so therefore I began to lower my standards but nevertheless I still aimed high.

My next dream job began to reveal itself as I delved into the art of singing. I hadn't always been too keen with music when I was younger and the only bands I liked was Busted, Ultrabeat and McFly. Unlike space travel, being a singer required a talent and this would stay with me until the day I died. When I was 7 years old my mother introduced me to karaoke, and it was my Auntie Angie that gave me the slight push out the door. I began to sing frequently finding any spare moments to toss in a Busted disk into my CD Player and jam it out in my bedroom. I began to reguarly attend karaoke nights at family bars, one of them being the notorious Crazy Tots in Blackpool and the Horse Shoe Bar. I had always been popular with people that partook in singing at the bars as I was one of the only kids that sung reguarly, but once around the time I turned 9 I was approached by a small record label manager called Gary whom offered me a signing but my dad refused as he had always thought that I was too young. Nevertheless the relationship I had with my fellow singers remained sturdy through the years.

Unfortunately though now that I became 11 I was too old to go to Crazy Tots and the Horse Shoe Bar had stopped allowing kids to do karoake at the bar and this is when my ambitions fluxed once again, Returning to the present I had signed up for Britains Got Talent last year but being too occupied with education's leer I had missed that all important e-mail that told me the date that I would audition, this was late 2010 and this was one of the worst terms for me. One of the main causes was the withdrawal of freedom that I used to have, I began to get an increasing amount of workload and plenty of essays. I had always been someone who likes to relax and to be completely honest I have always left work to the last minute, the typical case being finishing homework in the late hours of Sunday night. But nevertheless I worked my hardest and this is reflected in my Folio Essays and the grades I achieve.

Around about the age of 10 before I stopped singing it began to become too much of a routine for me so I went on to pursure the only career that would stay with me up until now that was the expressive skill of Acting. I had always imagined myself on the television screen being the newest star in an action movie, being interviewed on the evening news and my face plastered all over billboards in posters for my latest productions. This was the most realistic job for me as this was one of the only arts that I was skilled in and extremely enjoyed and this still stays with me today as I still aim to follow my dream and become an actor, but not only on television but also in theatre and hopefully...Broadway. And the first steps I am willing to take are get Adv. Higher qualifications for Drama and audition for a BA Acting course at the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy for Music and Drama (the RSAMD) and then afterwards find a flat in London and jumpstart my career in the most dramatic area of London, the West End.

[The Conclusion was to long to put in.]

A. Even though it took me forever to read, I liked it. Good luck!

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