Sabtu, 12 April 2014

what do you think of these shoes?


thanks :)

A. so at first glance, i thought these were cute shoes.... for guys. and then i saw that they are in fact women's shoes and my opinion changed.
no offense but my trendy gay friends were shoes exactly like these. and ive seen the occassional lesbian, much older women that wea them for comfort and not asthetics, and the hipster/hippie type girl who think they look good but have no real fashion sense.

so if you fall into one of these categories, go for it. if not please trust me theres other type of shoes that are just has comfy and MUCH more prettier/fashionable.

ARE THESE SHOES CUTE?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!!?! :D?

What do YOU think?! I was thinking the black ones since it will match with everything! :)
Do you guys know any other store that might have shoes like this? Or similar to this?!
Thank you so guys!! :D

A. Those are defininitely cute and trendy, but may not be that practical. A cuffed sandal seems like it would be really hot/warm!! But they are very cute, especially if you feel like they're your style and you could incorperate them well. THink about the other clothes in your closet, the outfits you normally wear and picture these shoes with them. Especially with shorts and skirts, dresses. Black would go with everything, but the sand color is so neutral i feel it would be MUCH better. So much more contrast. The black would blend in and go unoticed. People will notice your WHOLE figure with the sand colored shoes, they draw eyes down the legs to your feet. PLUS sand color is SOOOO much springy/summery for the season. Hope this helps alot. :)

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