Kamis, 10 April 2014

Who agrees that Converse shoes are trash?

Q. I've been seeing a bunch of teens and even adults wearing these all star Converse shoes lately. Is this the newest trend. Well, I find nothing trendy about those shoes. Yuck!

A. i wore chucks as a kid! had like 11 colors and used to trade 1 shoe with a friend. wow! those are gross!!

Hey is Chuck Taylor Converse shoes still something people wear?
Q. I have a pair but i totally dont want to look like a geek if i wear them.

A. It really depends. I know in the North East, mostly punk/goth kids wear them. It's actually quite trendy with that group. Of course, the random popular kid will wear them, but you have to know how to pull it off. You know - make it an outfit. Don't just throw them on with a pair of jeans; for example, you could wear a pair of slightly baggy cargo capris, a cute (but tightish) shirt, and your Chuck Taylors. I've seen lots of people pull that off recently.

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