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What do women wear in Miami nightclubs or bars?

Q. My boyfriend and I are from Illinois and I personally haven't been to a nightclub in Chicago or anywhere for that matter. We are going to Miami in May and he wants to go to a nightclub or a bar when we land in Miami at around 10pm on a Sunday. I am so clueless.
What do women and men where in the clubs in Miami?
What is a good one to go to on a Sunday?
How much does it usually cost to get in?
I mainly need advice on clothes to wear because being from Illinois is way different then Miami. PLEASE HELP I NEED A LOT OF ADVICE!
Thank you.

A. Women in Miami get really dressed up to go out at night. Think cute dresses, mini-skirts and shiny tops, high-heel at all times, flashy jewelry, etc.
Try coming up with an outfit that you will feel comfortable in, but that is still trendy. If you don't feel comfortable in a dress or mini-skirt, try wearing leggings or dark denim with 5-inch heels, a pretty top and a trendy purse. Guys usually wear dark denim or slacks with a button down shirt and dress shoes. Some places they can get away with tennis shoes, but as long as they look dressy.
As to where to go on Sunday nights, best get a recomendation from your Hotel Concierge.Normally, lounges or hotel bars will be the best on Sundays. Make sure to ask him what the dress code is to where he recommends.
Good luck and have fun in MIA ;)

Is there any website with pretty shoes for women that wear size 10.5-12??? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!?
Q. Im 15 and its hard for me to keep up with the trendy style in shoes because my feet are so huge. I need some websites so I can buy shoes online, you guys help me!

A., the shoes are pretty and sooooo comfortable! Hope this helps!

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