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Where to buy trendy clothes?

Q. I'm 15 and I hate my clothes, they make me look so ugly! ): I want to know where to buy pretty clothes but I am super skinny, and I also have hairy legs (I shave all the time but it grows back in like a day!) so maybe something to hide that. Also some cute shoes too :)

A. Try shops like new look and international xx
Hope this helps please answer mine xx;_ylt=AuJ.hxDmieN9ZzEzaJIq0CTc4yA5;_ylv=3?qid=20130413141538AAET61C
If you can't get the link type in teenage girl holiday !!!!!!

What shoes should i get?
Q. I need to get new shoes for summer as they've all out grown me and i have no new ones. My mom said she would bring me to the mall tomorrow to get a new pair, but the problem is i don't know what i want and i dont want to go without anything in mind. So i want to know what's like in right now, trendy or just nice shoes for like teenage girls? Oh and i already have Vans and toms, so don't suggest those because i dont want them again.

A. Sperrys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definatley get sperrys, theyre really cute boat shoes, they have tons of colors and patterns, they are totally trendy and chic!!!! They cost anywhere from like $65-$125, they are sold @, famous footwear, nordstrom, bloomingdales, and nordstroms.

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