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What are the cutest, warmest, trendiest shoes for this fall and winter?

Q. I want your opinions! What are the coolest (warm) shoes for this coming fall and winter?

A. Uggs

What are the best skate shoes?
Q. What are the best skate shoes?
I need one that's grippy. I've heard that 'es are grippy, but I don't know. I think Vans suck, so don't say Vans. I currently have ADIOs and they are mediocre. My shoes size is 6- 6.5. HELP! Globes, DCs, and iPath are recommended to me, but I like DVSs, `es, and DCs.
I kind of like Emerica, es, DVS the most

A. the best shoes i have found to skate in are either circa or fallen shoes they last for a long time comfortable and will grip your board good but out of the three shoes you like i would go with DVS they are a good strong shoe to skate in and they do grip a board nicely.. Es are nice shoes but they dont last and i wont wear DC's as they are too trendy everyone has a pair of DC's LOL...

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