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what are some of france's famouse brands?

Q. of clothing?
plz n' tnx!

A. Adidas - Sports equipments and clothing
Agnès b. - Easy going ready to wear.
Aigle - The outdoor clothes specialist.
Alain Figaret Shirts and ties.
Anitsa - Trendy knitwear and silk tops.
Anti-Flirt - Very nice tops and bodies, swimmingwear...
Antik Batik - Trendy exotic fashion with a hippie look
An'ge (Ange) - Trendy inexpensive fashion label.
Babar - Floriane line for young boys.
Baby Dior - Dior for babies.
Balmain Couture house.
Christian Lacroix - Fashion
Cacharel - Fashion
Catimini - Colourful and quality clothes for children.
Céline - Couture house.
Chanel The House of Chanel - Karl Lagerfeld.
Chantelle - Beautiful lingerie for women.
Charles Jourdan - Beautiful classical quality shoes.
Chartreuse - Ancient French spirit
Chipie - Cool and quality clothes for girls.
Christian Dior - Christian Dior's modern style by Galliano.
Christian Lacroix - A couture designer promoting baroque lavishness.
Damart - Thermolactyl underwear
Givenchy - Couture, ready-to-wear, perfumes.
Hermès Famous designer of silk scarves, belts, bags...
John Galliano - The label of Dior's designer.
Kenzo - The most French and colourful Japanese designer.
Kookaï - An afforfable fashion line for trendy teenagers.
Lancel - The best known French leather goods maker.
Lanvin - French couture house,
Torrente - Classic fashion label.
Montana Claude Montana's ready-to-wear line.
Morgan - A fashionable, sexy and cheap label for teenagers.
Naf-Naf - Label for young and trendy people
Petit Bateau France's most famous children's underwear line.
Tam Tam - Lingerie and swimwear.
Pronuptia - Bridal dresses and Accessories
Redskins - Leather urban wear.
Rodier - Middle-range ready-to-wear for mature women.
Thierry Mugler - Couture designer.
Ungaro - The ready-to-wear line.
Yves Saint Laurent - House of couture.

Help Male 2 Female Transsexual needs help building a confident/feminine wardrobe, what are 10 must have basics?
Q. I've shopped a lot in the past without trying many things on and have ended up paying for it. One it doesn't look good on a more masculine figure or it just doesn't look good or feel comfortable. I'm to the point now where I want to start building confidence in myself and being able to go full time on a more regular basis ending up being full time and I need to build my wardrobe from the floor up.

Right now I'm having issues trying to find the right medium in terms of pants size, L-XL/12-/14. The lower end seems kinda tight, and the higher end seems kinda large. As for tops I don't really have many that fit me anymore and I have similar issues with the Large-XL tops being too small or too large and not right for me. Obviously I don't have curves and things will not fit exactly right.

I'm looking for items that I can build a solid base upon. I don't have a lot of money and could use suggestions and ideas on great places or items.

I'm blonde, blue eyed about 5'10'', very light complexion.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

A. Well, you haven't told us where you are in your transition (starting, middle, completed?) Typically, with HRT, your body will start to redistribute fat and muscle towards female proportions. This may take time (years even) but as it happens, your clothes should start to fit you better. A good diet and exercise can help quite a bit. Since male bodies have more upper body bulk, women's tops tend to fit transsexual women poorly through the shoulders, and least until they lose some muscle. You need to work on losing that upper body muscle by limiting your caloric intake, and eat less protein.

I am also quite tall, and I've found that a good place to shop for basic clothes that are very inexpensive is Old Navy. They carry a very extensive selection for tall people, including jeans in 36" inch inseams, and their website is very good. www.onehanesplace.com is a good site for reasonably priced undergarments, hose, etc. Remember, you can always return things that don't fit.

Ten must-have basics...

1) Good quality undergarments in colors that match your tops
2) An assortment of basic tee's/tanks and camis
3) Jeans - at least a few styles... tight/sexy, loose n comfy, dressy
4) Some regular pants/slacks
5) At least one nice dress for parties & formal occasions
6) Some dressy tops
7) Shorts for the summer (or skirts)
8) Sweaters/hoodies for cooler weather
9) A winter coat - wool peacoat or mid-length leather (hat, scarf, gloves also)
10) A business suit of some type for job interviews or professional events

Then, of course, you'll need shoes... sandals for spring & summer, dress boots for fall, winter boots, sneakers, dress shoes for work, some heels for going out, flats for walking all day, and some casual shoes - slides, wedges, slingbacks, loafers, etc.

A few different belts to go with various outfits. Some accessory type jewelry. At least one nice quality handbag, a small purse or clutch. There are just so many other things... tights, leggings, socks, swimsuit, pjs, sweatpants. And don't forget that most women have seasonal wardrobes, so over time, as you add to your wardrobe think in terms of what is appropriate not just for the venue, but for the time of year. With your hair and complexion, you have a lot of options, but go with darker, bold colors. You'll get lost in white & beige. You can coordinate eye makeup with your outfit as well.

Go to the mall, find a seat and just observe what other women are wearing. Most will be dressed casually, usually jeans and a basic top. Most will be wearing flats, or low heeled shoes. Be sure to note the difference in how older and younger women dress. Women's clothes are AGE APPROPRIATE. Younger girls tend to dress more trendy/provocatively, but an older woman can get away with dressing younger if she keeps herself fit and in shape.

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