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Does anyone know what this type of shoe is?

Q. they are apparently a trendy shoe for teenage guys or young men in the UK/England region. i have no idea what they are called but they are plain white shoes that are narrow with only four lace holes and they look somewhat similar to the popular kids shoe "keds" and are typically worn with capri length pants....sooo if anyone has any guess at what these shoes might be called it would be super helpful if you could provide a brand name or a link to where i might be able to find them. Thanks so much!!
no not leather more kind of like a canvas material

A. Are they leather? Oxfords? Just a guess...

Where can I buy cool clothes, bags, belts etc for my 14 year old son in the UK or online?
Q. He has some money to buy clothes with. He is going to buy a hoody, bag, belt and buckle, shoe laces, T-Shirts and jeans. He doesn't know where from. He is not a chav. He is quite fashion conscious. It's out of his birthday money and he wanted me to look at good shops for him (i don't know why either) where is a good place to start. He is into music like green day and muse. His favourite clothes brands, i think are airwalk, animal, Vans, stuff like that. He knows freespirit and Topman already but they are both quite expensive and I'm not sure if I'll be able to find jeans that fit him there, tops yes but trousers i'm unsure about.

A. Top man at top shop is very trendy or abercrombie and fitch is great very fashionable but can be abit pricey x

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