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so I see a girl yesterday and she is like six feet tall wearing platform shoes WHY?


A. Because women really don't understand fashion. They understand trend.
They hear something is trendy and go do it. Platform shoes are going to be here for a while, like ugg(ly) boots, or that cardigan sweater fetish.

Girls, does height influence your first opinion of a guy at all?
Q. I'm really tall (6'6") and i think i subconciously intimidate most people.

Growing up everyone always made a big deal about how great it was that i was tall. But in general it seems to be a pain. Finding clothes and shoes (size 17) is a real hassle. Most women are much shorter, and i suspect that they would prefer a guy that isn't so huge compared to them.

Your thoughts?
Don't think basketball player tall. Think overall huge, football or wrestler more like.

A. I'm with you brother.

I am almost as tall as you are. Everything you're saying is true. Now I don't know how old you are, but I'll tell you what, once you get to a certain age, girls stop caring.

Sure, in high school no one really wanted to date the tall guy. Well, I attribute that to my own confidence levels though. Once you get to college though, especially if you're done with any awkward years, then the women will come to you. Trust me on this. You can find clothes and shoes, they just won't be the trendy junk that everyone else wears. Embrace this. Use your newly found "I don't give a crap" attitude on the clothes. You can go to a Big and Tall perhaps or if you're thinner like me, then you can usually find Levi's that fit or dress pants from an Eddie Bauer catalogue.

I've had some really short women. Trust me when they get to mating age, the really short ones will be looking to even out their gene pool while the tall girls are all dying to find a decent tall guy so they can wear heels on a date. Either way you win. Think about how much worse it would be to be short. Then you can only date short women. You can date ANY girl.

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