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Help On Cute Trendy Outfit To Wear To Court!?

Q. Hey I have a Mock Trial competition in 2 weeks & I'm playing the part as a school teacher witness and I wanted some ideas on what I should wear for the full day competition. I want something cute and trendy. I don't want to be a "boring" school teacher. More of a high-class trendy one. (: Can anyone help me on some websites or put together an outfit for me? Thank You! (:

A. wear a 1 coloured dress a pair of black tights and colured shoes to match the dress

Does what a teacher/professor wear matter?
Q. Writing a paper on this topic and trying to see if people really care what their teacher wears? Do you take them less seriously if they don't match or are they intimidating if they're wearing a power suit?

A. A learning institution is still a place of business. The students are investing their time and so are you. Its like the stock market exchange. Every one is there for the experience and to get the most out with the least effort. This is the majority not all encompassing. A teacher/instructor should stand out obviously with business casual attire that is most of all comfortable to wear and trendy. Their are many tech businesses that have employees come in to work in jeans but only one day per week. Even at work I don't think its the best idea. If your wearing dress clothes 4 out of 5 days in the week than on that 5th day you will feel different and less authoritarian. Less in the role as the leader of the classroom. Dressing down leaves room for others to judge you by your choice of wardrobe that they usually don't see you in. This will change their perception of you. The staff and the students. Your personality will shine through enough to dismiss any claims of you being too serious of a about your job. If students or faculty see you on days off that's a different scenario and will not receive the same amount of attention. I would stick with the business casual attire. But by all means make it your own look. When it comes to accessories go with the minimalist approach. Lastly, shoes have got to be the most comfy. Keeping an extra pair near, in car maybe, in case of heel break or new shoes not wearing in so comfortably you can be relieved.

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